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Men's 3's - Durham City 3's (A) - 2-0

Date: Saturday 16th September 2023, 15:00


Goals: Nil

Stokesley Men’s Hockey Club 3’s endure gruelling opener against Durham City in YNE North East Men's Division 4 Tees League.

In a hard-fought away match against Durham City Hockey Club, Stokesley Men's Third Team showcased plenty of promise despite a challenging start to the season in the YNE North East Men's Division 4 Tees League. Though the scoreboard wasn't in their favour, the team displayed moments of sheer brilliance and tactical maturity.

The opening 15 minutes were particularly invigorating for Stokesley, as they commanded key areas around Durham's defensive. However, despite manufacturing a slew of enticing opportunities, they found themselves somewhat hamstrung by the lack of a decisive final pass and finishing touch.

Durham City, seizing upon Stokesley's momentary lapse, managed to convert a short corner into the game's inaugural goal. Stokesley's goalkeeper made an initial valiant save but couldn't thwart the follow-up shot that eventually found the net.

The second blow for Stokesley came when Durham City exploited a Stokesley 16-yard hit-out with a well-executed pressing strategy. This tactful manoeuvre enabled them to double their lead, putting the visitors in a precarious position going into halftime.

The second half, however, proved to be a different ball game altogether. Stokesley regrouped and came out with a more resolute approach, managing to secure a greater share of possession. While the elusive final pass continued to evade them, their overall play was noticeably improved. In fact, the second half ended in a stalemate, which speaks volumes for Stokesley’s improved defensive organisation and midfield coherence.

Although there were no additional goals, the team's performance in the latter half served as a testament to their resilience and potential. The match ultimately provided invaluable lessons and identified specific areas in need of fine-tuning during training sessions.

In summary, while Stokesley's third team left the pitch without the sought-after points, the match proved to be a rich source of learning and optimism. With more possession and fewer errors in the second half, the draw in the latter period of the game heralds plenty of positives for the team as they look ahead to the rest of the season

Next game: Hartlepool Home (Saturday 23rd September 2023, 15:30 push back)

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