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Men's 1's - Stockton 1's (A) - 6-1

Date: Tuesday 12th September 2023, 20:00


Goals: Jack Atha (FG)

In a challenging pre-season friendly, Stokesley faced off against a full-strength Stockton first team in an away fixture that evoked the atmosphere of a Tuesday night Champions League clash. A true David vs Goliath encounter under the floodlights.

Stokesley Mens 2s v Durham City 2s

Stokesley kicked off the match impressively, implementing a new pressing strategy that initially unsettled Stockton. Despite a spirited start, Stockton shattered the deadlock 10-15 minutes into the game with a fluid counter-attack. Stokesley continued to fight, creating promising chances and winning short corners, but a lack of clinical finishing proved costly. Stockton capitalised on their set-piece prowess, netting four of their six goals from penalty corners.

Not to be entirely overshadowed, a rapid sequence of precise passes set the stage for Stokesley's 'Captain Fantastic,' Jack, who found the net from close range. Additional chances followed, notably a blistering tomahawk shot from Phil Molyneux that nearly found its mark. Though the night didn't emulate Liverpool's heroics against Inter Milan in Istanbul, it was far from a washout.

Despite the 6-1 scoreline, the encounter offered numerous positives for Stokesley, as they prepare to head into the forthcoming season. Man of the Match honours went to Dawson Clarke, who excelled despite being deployed out of his usual position at right-back.

All in all, it was a commendable performance against a formidable Stockton side, leaving Stokesley with much to build upon in the weeks ahead.

Next game: North Shields Away (Saturday 23rd September 2023, 14:00 push back)

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